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Naturmade Activated Charcoal is Medicinal Grade and unique in many respects.

Naturmade’s Activated Charcoal is a class-leading, pharmaceutical grade charcoal (medical registration pending), with the highest activation level on the market. Activation of charcoal is measured by an iodine absorption test, and while most have an iodine number of 800, Naturmade’s Activated Charcoal ranges from 1200 in tabs, and 1500 in caps. This means quicker results, on a substantially lower dosage.


Naturmade’s Activated Charcoal is incredibly effective at relieving gas, bloating, indigestion, food poisoning or allergic reactions to food. It can do this because of its microscopically porous and highly absorbent surface, which enables Activated Charcoal to suck up poisons and gases, such as amines, peptotoxins of decomposed foods, bacterial toxins, nitrogenous and organic wastes, carbon dioxide, and methane, in your stomach and intestine.

These damaging substances are adsorbed by the porous surfaces of these tiny charcoal particles, and escorted through to evacuation of the bowel. Activated Charcoal is not digested or dissolved by the acids or alkalis of the digestive tract and therefore is not assimilated into the blood stream, rendering it absolutely non-toxic. It also has no effect on neurotransmitters which means it is not addictive in any way.


Naturmade activated charcoal is the ONLY medicinal grade charcoal available in South Africa.

Did you know? Not all activated charcoal products are equal!

When you buy activated charcoal, make sure that the raw materials used were not intended for industrial use and that a well-defined manufacturing procedure was followed. If not, a product may be contaminated by metals and other chemicals and the activation may differ from batch to batch.


CHARCOAL CHEWIES FOR KIDS ®:Charcoal Chewies for Kids

Naturmade’s Charcoal Chewies are specially formulated for children aged 3-9. They are sweetened with sucrose so that even the fussiest kids will have no problem taking them.

Each chewable tablet supplies 125 mg activated charcoal per serving, going to work quickly and safely to detox your childs intestinal tract. Everything stated above for Naturmade Charcoal applies equally and it will work for all the same ailments. Please refer to the Chewies dosage under Directions for Use below.


By absorbing gasses and toxins, Naturmade’s CharcoCaps ® CharcoTabs ® and Charcoal Chewies for Kids ® effectively reduce bloating, cramps, and stomach ache.

  • Antidote to Poisoning: As an emergency antidote to swallowed poisons, activated charcoal is without equal among known and commonly used absorbents. It is an antidote in practically all swallowed poisons.
  • Mild to severe Food Poisoning: Nausea, vomiting, foul smelling eructation (burping), cramps, rumbling in the intestines and diarrhoea are some of the symptoms of food poisoning. Naturmade’s CharcoCaps ® and CharcoTabs ® absorb any offending substances and can stop symptoms in under an hour.
  • Drug Overdose: Naturmade’s CharcoCaps ®, Charcoal Chewies for Kids ® and CharcoTabs ® can absorb drugs that have been ingested. If taken immediately after the drug has been swallowed, it will absorb enough to prevent many toxic side effects.


Activated charcoal is non-toxic, so you cannot overdose. You can take activated charcoal when symptoms appear or as a daily detox.


  • As a general daily detox agent: Take 1-6 tablets or 1-4 capsules daily with a glass of water.
  • Stomach Ache, Food Poisoning: 4-6 tablets or 2-4 capsules taken immediately and an additional 2 tablets every 6 hours thereafter, or until the symptoms subside.
  • Hangover: While not a cure for a hangover, taking charcoal after a night out, prior to falling asleep and as soon as you wake up, will serve to ‘soak’ up the residue and toxins left over from alcohol consumption. Take 7 CharcoTabs or 5 CharcoCaps prior to sleep and repeat upon waking. Drink up to 500ml of water at the same time. Check out our specially formulated Naturmade So-Sob'r.
  • Diarrhoea: Research suggests that it may be useful for diarrhoea. Take 6-10 tablets or 5-8 capsules immediately and a further 4-6 tablets or 2-4 capsules every few hours or until symptoms subside.
  • Chewies Dosage: Children 3 years+: 2-4 Chewies as, and when needed. Drink water to rinse away charcoal residue left after chewing.


Activated charcoal is not toxic (and since it is not absorbed in the intestines, it has no impact on the kidneys by itself), however one needs to be aware of the following: Due to its highly adsorbent (soaking up) properties, any medication you are taking should not be taken an hour prior to or an hour after taking activated charcoal. Due to the fact that activated charcoal is not absorbed into your system, the charcoal will be excreted completely, which may darken the colour of your stool. This is completely harmless and normal. Large quantities of charcoal may cause mild constipation. This will self-correct once you cease taking the product.


Charcoal is The New Black

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"The Naturmade charcoal tablets are the absolute best! My friend gave me half a bottle to use last year and I am so happy with the product. I have tried a few different brands (as noted in the picture I sent you), but none of them are as effective as the Naturmade brand. I find that when using the other brands, that I have little or no relief in comparison to the Naturmade charcoal tabs. They are incredibly effective, I love this product! Thank you!" - Julie Clacher, 2021

"Charcoal Chewies works for us! My 7yr old daughter has fishy odour syndrome. Taking these after eating “aggravating” foods has helped considerably. No complaints about the taste, and she usually complains about all medicines and chews!" - Maj, 2019

"CharcoCaps - great product. Detox winner." - Yazra, 2019

"CharcoTabs are amazing. I suffer from IBS and I'm not exactly sure yet what sort of foods irritate my stomach, so when I do have food that irritates my body, or if I had food which just makes you feel toxic, these pills are great, because they cleanse your body and just lighten your overall feel and also help with being bloated and uncomfortable. They are overall just great when you are not feeling great, due to certain food intakes." - Liezl, 2019

"Great for upset tummies. Good product: I had a upset tummy last week and the tablets started working immediately. Good for indigestion too." - Charlene, 2018

"After traveling on business for just shy of 2 months, my eating habits were far less than ideal, and my poor stomach was paying the price. I tried Naturmade Activated Charcoal tabs as a way to clean out any toxins, and they really have done a stellar job. In fact, I now regularly take them as a way to set things right when I’m not feeling 100%. (They also work wonders for hangovers if you take a good few before going to sleep.)" - Matt Bouch

"I developed lactose and wheat intolerances after contracting an intestinal parasite in India. Charcocaps have helped immensely with the undesirable effects of accidentally eating the wrong foods, and have been indispensable in the process of healing of my digestive system." - Jacky Allart

"I would just like to thank you for developing this most incredible product. I have been using it for many years now and it has never let me down. I suffer from bouts of spastic colon in stressful times, and Charco Tabs has always eased the pain quickly, effectively and with no side effects. I have also recommended it to family and friends, all of whom have raved about its efficacy." - Roni Hirschowitz

"Wonderful fast working product especially when your stomach feels groggy or bloated." - Michelle

"I bought it as a back up for a hangover.. need to try it out for teeth whitening still.." - Beverley

"Charco tabs is an excellent product! My 2 dogs had upset tummies and I gave them the tablets and not long, they were well on their way to complete health." - Gerda Coetzee

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