Naturmade Charco-Max is a activated charcoal powder that is extremely versatile for beauty and detoxification purposes.






Made in Germany, Naturmade's Charco-Max Powder delivers larger quantities of activated charcoal per serving (compared to tablets), allowing for a large, fast-acting dose to deal with acute poisoning and serious cases of diarrhoea since it goes to work within minutes to act like a sponge and trap toxins and impurities in its masses of microscopic pores.

Charco-Max is an extremely versatile product. The powdered activated charcoal is not only designed to detox your intestinal tract; it also has several beauty and skincare applications.


  • A Natural Toothpaste: It is popularly used as a toothpaste to cleanse the mouth and teeth. Many people claim that it whitens the teeth.
  • Skincare: Researchers have stated that activated charcoal made into a paste and applied to the skin as a face mask, may help draw up particles such as: grime, chemicals, poisons, microbes and bacteria, to eliminate easier from the surface of the skin.
  • Skin Infections: For millennia natural medicine practitioners have used activated charcoal powder to treat conditions such as skin infections, insect bites and minor wounds.

Naturmade's activated charcoal powder is the very same substance used in emergency rooms to deal with drug overdoses and acute poisonings. It protects your intestines with the same vigour and it is manufactured to be fit for human consumption. Read more about our class-leading, medicinal grade activated charcoal here.


  • For gas, bloating, diarrhoea and stomach cramps: Add 2-3 teaspoons to a glass. Add in a small amount of water. Stir to a paste. Add in more water (to about the half-glass mark), stir vigorously and drink in one go.
  • As a facemask: Mix a few teaspoons of charcoal powder with some water to form a paste. Add a small amount of honey and mix together. Apply to the face with your fingers. Leave for 5-10 minutes before washing off.
  • As a toothpaste: Add a very small amount of water to a saucer or small bowl. Add a slightly larger, but still small, amount of charcoal to the water and mix using the head of your toothbrush until the mixture forms a thick slurry. Brush as normal. Wash your mouth out thoroughly once you are finished brushing.


  • Activated charcoal is not toxic (and since it is not absorbed in the intestines, it has no impact on the kidneys by itself), however it may interfere with the absorption of any medication you are taking within an hour before or after taking Charco-Max internally.


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"I bought this to use on my teeth and it worked really well!" - Marie-Eve

"I add this to my clay mask. Good for breakouts." - Anonymous

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