Naturmade Ginseng is a Natural tension and stress relief supplement, it boosts circulation and boosts energy levels - great for overcoming fatigue and stress.








Not just another Siberian ginseng supplement, this Naturmade's Ginseng Ener-G+ energising combination has been specially formulated to help you cope with the daily rigours of mental and physical stress.

When the stressors of life are getting the better of you, reach for Ginseng Ener-G+ to get the most out of your day. Looking for a potent ginseng product with serious benefits? You'll love Naturmade Ginseng Ener-G:


  • Proven adaptogen which helps your nervous system adapt to stressful circumstances
  • Combined with anti-oxidants (Zinc, Nicotinic acid & Vitamin E) to energise and protect simultaneously
  • Ginseng's properties support the nervous system in its task to regulate and normalise actions throughout the body
  • Subtle support enables you to cope better with stress in your life as you move towards equilibrium
  • Improves blood circulation by promoting the release of nitric oxide
  • You'll feel more energised with improved circulatory function, experiencing better all-around physical health
  • Ginseng has been Asia's panacea for thousands of years
  • Naturmade Ginseng Ener-G+ is caffeine-free and won't make you jittery


Depending on your energy requirements, you can take 1-2 capsules daily.


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"I've tried Naturmade's Ginseng Ener-G+ for energy and focus in preparing for varsity exams. It REALLY helps! It doesn't make me jittery like other 'energy' products. It is so effective that, for me, I've learnt to take only one capsule early in the day, else my mind still wants to work after bed time! It provides a subtle can-do energy that definitely makes me better able to cope with stress." - Robyn, 2021

"The Ginseng Ener-G Plus capsules are the best product I have ever used. I used to hate winter because of chilblains, which used to start April/May and lasted until Aug/Sept. They were excruciating. I started taking Ginseng Ener-G Plus in March this year and so far I only started experiencing mild chilblains since the middle of June. I will up the dose to 2 capsules and let you know how it goes." - Naturmade responds: "You are the second person to report these interesting side effects on a product that primarily improves energy levels and focus while reducing stress; perhaps the improved circulation helps?"

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