Naturmade Selenium is a quality supplement to naturally support your health as it mops up free radicals & boosts your immune system. A great smoker's tonic.









Selenium is present in virtually every cell in our body and is essential to proper functioning. It has been found to possess chemotherapeutic (anti-cancer) properties as well as being a powerful antioxidant (blocks free radicals). It also helps eliminate heavy metals, such as lead and mercury from the body. Selenium is important for your immune system by lowering oxidative stress, which reduces inflammation and enhances immunity.


Naturmade’s Selenium EAC, is a powerful antioxidant, blocking free radicals and thereby exerting anti-aging properties. The combination of Selenium and Vitamins E, A & C, all powerful anti-oxidants, can help guard against many diseases.


  • Helps guard against:
    1. Cancer
    2. Heart Disease
    3. Cataracts
    4. Macular degeneration
    5. Thyroid disfunction - Selenium deficiency decreases the synthesis of thyroid hormones.
    6. Cholesterol as it increases the ratio of HDL (Good Cholesterol) to LDL (Bad cholesterol)
    7. Stroke as it reduces the ‘stickiness’ of blood, thereby possibly lowering the risk of stroke
  • Excellent for immune compromised individuals such as HIV sufferers
  • Helps protect smokers from the toxic effects of tobacco


A 5 year study conducted at Cornel University and the University of Arizona, showed that 200mcg of selenium per day resulted in:

  • 63% less prostate cancer
  • 58% fewer colorectal cancers
  • 46% fewer lung malignancies
  • 39% overall decrease in cancer deaths

Studies have shown that increased Selenium in blood is associated with an enhanced immune response.

Research has revealed that people with the lowest Selenium levels developed more tumours, had a higher rate of disease recurrence, greater risk of cancer spreading and a shorter overall survival rate.


Take 1 capsule daily and do not exceed the recommended dose.


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"Will definitely continue using, feel so much better. Great product." - Vanessa

"I've been using Selenium EAC since 2003. It was initially to treat a skin problem but I found that it improved my overall health and was cost effective since I was getting 3 essential vitamins as well. Today was my first time to call the Naturmade number to understand the makeup of the new capsule and I was very impressed by the responsiveness, professionalism and passion with which all my questions were answered. Keep up the good work and excellent products in service of humanity." - Vusi Moyeni

"I have been taking Selenium EAC for approximately 7 years now after it was recommended by a family member as an anti-oxidant/anti- cancer supplement. About 3 years ago I discovered a tiny node in my breast. After undergoing a biopsy it was found to be benign. Now I am in my late sixties and I subject myself to a Mammogram once a year. I am pleased to say that all my Mammography Reports have since been clear. I have recommended Selenium EAC to my Family and Friends who are also taking the tablets". - Mrs Vadwa

"This is a great product that I will definitely continue buying. I take one every single morning, and have definitely felt a difference. I recently bought it for my boyfriend also, who drinks and smokes quite a bit, and he has felt a huge difference since taking it as the toxins in his body are being reduced. We both swear by it, and it's also great value for money if you buy the 90 capsules version." - Leeanne

"I love that this Selenium supplement also contains vitamins A, C & E, natural and at an affordable price makes it a win-win product all round." - Cindy

"I just want to say big up for your products especially Selenium EAC (which I’ve used since your first version). I refer so many people to it and they all come back and thank me. I am really proud of Naturmade products. You are doing a great job guys, keep it up!" - Desareë

"I take this for my acne scars. It's really made my skin a lot clearer." - Anonymous via FaithFul-To-Nature

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